Theory & Practice: Mastering Aesthetic Medicine in Depth

Dive into the SAMBA Full Diploma, a program where mastering aesthetic medicine means delving deep into its intricacies. This course offers a rich blend of theory and practice across 104 e-courses and 11 modules, culminating in a hands-on workshop.

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Aesthetic online courses tailored to your rhythm, fitting even the busiest of schedules.

Complete the diploma and you’re ready to start practicing aesthetic medicine instantly.

Whether a surgeon, dermatologist, or generalist – our courses are designed for every professional.

21 renowned experts, each practitioners and professors.

Each module is uniquely filmed and curated for this program.

Benefit from the dedicated and close assistance of the SAMBA Team throughout.

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Dive into SAMBA’s two-phased program, starting with a solid theoretical foundation in aesthetic medicine, followed by a practical workshop on injectables in Switzerland for Full Diploma students.

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Engage with our faculty of 21 expert speakers, each a maestro in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on a transformative learning odyssey.

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“SAMBA aligns perfectly with my professional expectations. Its Swiss origin adds to its credibility. The expertise of the speakers further reinforced my confidence and made me choose SAMBA over another program.”

Dr Gwenaelle Volant – General Practitioner,
SAMBA Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

This training is exclusively reserved for doctors and medical students wishing to specialize in aesthetic medicine, whether they are beginners or already experienced in the field.

You can start the SAMBA training at any time. Our flexible program allows you to progress at your own pace, providing the freedom to begin whenever suits you best. The duration of the training varies based on your time commitment. Most students typically finish the course within 6 months.

For those pursuing the Full Diploma, we offer in-person workshop four times a year. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to validate your practical skills. They are the perfect complement to your online training, offering full immersion into aesthetic medicine practice.

There is no specific level required to take this online SAMBA degree, but you must have a medical degree or post-graduate medical school certification before starting the training.


The SAMBA program is a hybrid one and has two main parts: first, you’ll do the theoretical training online, where you’ll study interactive modules, watch videos, and take quizzes. You can do this from anywhere with an internet connection.

Once you finish all 104 e-courses and pass the final exam, you can join the SAMBA practical workshop. These workshops happen in January and September each year and provide hands-on experience which conclude your SAMBA experience.

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Yes, a practical workshop in Switzerland is included in the full diploma. It is offered 4 times a year and will enable you to practice injections on mannequins. In fact, you can take the workshop included in the full diploma, and then do a second one later on to perfect your skills.

The full diploma program is priced at 9,900€, and it includes the practical workshop. For more details on pricing and additional information, you can visit our pricing page.

Regarding the duration of the course, it varies to accommodate your schedule. You have the flexibility to complete the 100+ hours of videos and graduate in as little as two months. However, most students typically finish the course within 6 months.

Please note that the practical workshops, which are included in the full diploma price, are conducted every 6 months, in January and September.

Yes, SAMBA online training is designed to be flexible and to fit your schedule, which means that you can follow it at your own pace and in parallel with your professional activity.

The SAMBA online program is a privately offered post-graduate training program in aesthetic medicine. The SAMBA program holds recognition from the UEMS (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes), ensuring that it awards CME CPD (Continuing Medical Education Continuing Professional Development) points recognized throughout Europe.

These CME CPD points can also be converted to the American Medical Association (AMA) equivalent, making the program recognized on a global scale.

At the conclusion of the online training, you will be awarded a SAMBA International Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine in paper format. This diploma not only certifies your successful completion of all the courses and modules within the training but also grants you CME (Continuing Medical Education) points, affirming your expertise in aesthetic medicine.

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