Practical Workshop in Switzerland

Once you have completed your online program, immerse in a one-day workshop in Switzerland, exclusive to the Full Diploma. Conducted by SAMBA, engage in hands-on practice, performing injections on models. Offered twice a year, this workshop culminates in the award of the SAMBA diploma, marking your comprehensive mastery in aesthetic medicine.

1'490 €

Included in the full diploma

About the Workshop

Embarking on the practical phase of your SAMBA journey is a milestone. This workshop, exclusive to Full Diploma students who have successfully completed the theoretical courses and validated the quizzes on the online platform, is a one-day immersive experience led by Dr. Guilhem Poron, Aesthetic Physician & SAMBA Medical Director.


Here's what the day looks like:

All necessary equipment and materials for the workshop are provided by SAMBA, ensuring you have everything you need for a fruitful learning experience. The models are also provided, allowing you to practice under expert guidance.

The workshop takes place at Chem. de Beau-Rivage 18, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland. Students are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation arrangements.

Should you have any queries post-workshop, Dr. Guilhem Poron remains available to provide guidance, ensuring your journey towards mastery in aesthetic medicine continues seamlessly.

This workshop is not just a learning experience, but a doorway to a community of like-minded professionals, with the day’s interactions forming the bedrock of long-lasting professional relationships.

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