Business in Aesthetic Medicine

Welcome to our course module on business in aesthetic medicine, presented by Mr. Adam Haroun, a world-renowned branding expert. In this module, we will explore the dynamic and ever-growing field of aesthetic medicine, and the crucial role that effective branding and marketing play in building a successful and thriving business.

Through this course, you will gain valuable insights and practical strategies that will help you build a strong brand, increase your visibility, and ultimately grow your business in the competitive world of aesthetic medicine. 

Course Content

Introduction & First Steps in Business

Branding your Clinic

Establishing your Pricing

Understanding the Patient Journey

Marketing Activities

Selecting your Advertising Channels, Budget & Plan

Best Practices for Social Media

Delivering Exceptional Patient Service

Effectively Handling Dissatisfied Patients

Encouraging Organic Clinic Growth

How to Sell Effectively

Increasing Patient Lifetime Value

Including this Module

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