Authorizations to practice aesthetic medicine in Europe

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Discover the keys to practicing aesthetic medicine in Europe: our comprehensive guide explores the legal procedures, accredited training courses and necessary authorizations. Whether you’re a new practitioner or looking to retrain, this article is your gateway to a successful career in aesthetics.

Careers in aesthetic medicine

In the ever-evolving field of aesthetic medicine, understanding the different career options and qualifications required is essential for those wishing to make their way in it. This article provides an overview of the multiple career paths, highlighting the roles, appropriate training, and regulatory standards essential for success in this specialized sector.

Botulinum protein and hyaluronic acid: what’s the difference, Doctor?

We regularly hear in consultation: “Doctor; OK for hyaluronic acid, but not botox. Hyaluronic acid is natural, we have it in our skin.”

Yes, it’s true that hyaluronic acid is present in the dermis, but that doesn’t mean that the hyaluronic acid injected for anti-aging purposes is “natural”.

The plague of fake injectors

Faced with the rise of “fake injectors” in aesthetic medicine, it becomes crucial to understand this alarming trend. These practices not only compromise patient safety, but also undermine confidence in the profession. This article explores the risks associated with these unqualified actors, and highlights the importance of proper training.

Aesthetic Medicine: a growing specialty

Aesthetic Medicine, a constantly evolving field, stands out for its non-invasive approach and ethical commitment. Accessible to all medical doctors, this specialty, although not officially recognized by universities, has made a name for itself thanks to standard treatments such as botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and medical lasers.

Glossary of Aesthetic Medicine

This guide aims to clarify and explain the key terms and concepts in this rapidly evolving field. Whether you’re a practitioner, a student, or simply interested in aesthetic medicine, this glossary will provide you with clear definitions and insights into the terminology that shapes this specialty. Dive in to deepen your understanding and mastery of the language of aesthetic medicine.

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