Step 5: Diploma Achievement

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be awarded the SAMBA Full Diploma, a testament to your comprehensive training and newfound proficiency in aesthetic medicine.

Step 4: Hands-On Workshop in Switzerland

Once you’ve successfully passed the final exam, participate in an immersive workshop in Switzerland. This hands-on experience allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios, under expert guidance.

Step 3: Final Examination

After completing your modules, test your expertise with the final exam. Passing this crucial assessment is your gateway to the next practical phase of your aesthetic medicine education.

Step 2: Comprehensive Learning

Dive into 11 meticulously structured modules, encompassing 104 e-courses. Throughout your studies, validate your knowledge with multiple-choice quizzes in each module, ensuring a solid grasp of key concepts.

Step 1: Enrollment and Course Access

Begin your journey in aesthetic medicine by enrolling online. This step grants you access to 104 comprehensive e-courses, paving the way for an in-depth understanding of the field.

Dr Nizar Abouda

Representative of the Tunisian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

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